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Maria Baverstock introduces dressage stallion Oyun Shael to his public at team Teke GB's "Meet the Akhal-Teke" event last month in South Wales

Team Teke GB work to celebrate our Akhal-Teke horses, to bring them to a wider public and to create opportunities for others to join us in doing so. We do not charge subscriptions, preferring to fund our activities through sponsorship, fundraising and advertising, in order to invite as many people as possible to participate.

Our aims are: 
•    Promotion of the Akhal-Teke as a beautiful and versatile horse for sport and pleasure;
•    Show classes/sporting events to showcase our horses and meet other owners/enthusiasts;
•    Inclusivity - inviting all who have an interest in the breed to participate in our events, with or without horses.

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